What drives us ‒ mission statement, vision and values

Our corporate philosophy: Commitment to our mission statement, vision and values means that we uphold the highest ethical standards in our work. Find out more about our mission statement, vision and corporate values.

Our mission statement

Part of our corporate philosophy is to establish long-lasting partnerships through innovative and reliable payment solutions. This is underpinned by our uncompromising commitment to meeting the needs of our customers and partners.

Our vision

We aim to be the most reliable and innovative provider in the payments industry, offering outstanding solutions to our valued customers in all our markets.

Our values

We behave ethically and honestly and are reliable and respectful in our interactions no matter what the circumstances.

Global Payments Germany looks back with pride on its recognized and unquestionable reputation for integrity. To maintain this reputation, we live mutual trust, support and honesty with the aim that our customers, partners and employees are proud to work with us.

We appreciate the trust that our customers, partners and employees place in us. To protect this trust, we strictly comply with the laws, regulations, policies and contractual obligations to which we are bound, including health, safety, anti-trust, environmental, confidentiality and information security.

Global Payments Germany is a customer-focused company and aims to outperform other market participants in a fair and honest manner through innovation, first-class service and superior performance.

We can make a positive difference each day by providing outstanding service to our customers, team members, partners, colleagues, and communities.

We pull together with our customers and partners. It fills us with satisfaction and motivates us to excel in providing our customers with customized and innovative solutions so that they can make the most of their business potential.

We are committed to common goals, values, and working together to find the best solutions for our customers and team members.

Friendly togetherness, open dialogue, constructive discussions and mutual support, these are the components that accompany us as a team and drive us forward in our professional activities. We have fun working together. This is also reflected in our commitment to our customers.

We approach our work with passion and resiliency to get things done effectively, timely, and on budget to best serve our customers and improve our performance.

At Global Payments Germany, each individual is responsible for acting in accordance with the ethical principles of our corporate philosophy when dealing with colleagues, customers and business partners. This autonomous thinking forms the basis for a healthy self-esteem with which we can look at achievements.

The more we value the diversity of people, ideas, and perspectives the stronger our company and our culture is.

Experts from a wide range of disciplines work hand in hand at Global Payments Germany. We attach importance to respecting and including the professional and personal characteristics of each individual in order to bundle everyone's potential in the service of our clients' goals and our objectives.


Security and reliability guarantee business success

The management of Global Payments Germany stands for lasting strategic partnerships. We are certain that cashless payment processing will be crucial to the success of every form of retail and service in the future.